About Us

Streaming Health TV

Streaming Health TV is the holistic hub of health and wellness. With the latest eye-opening shows, we bring you truth and transparency on all aspects of health and wellness including: nutrition, fitness, healthy pets and so much more!

Our mission, simply put, is to help you live a healthier life by raising awareness on the topics that mainstream media glosses over. Whether it be holistic cancer support that mainstream shy away from in our very own “The Super Mike Show,” or vegan recipes for your lanky Labrador in “Frannie & Friends” we have a show that will resonate with your need to be the best version of yourself. 

The People of SHTV

Dr. Michael S. Evangel

Executive Producer

Host of "The Super Mike Show"

Frannie Laurita

Executive Producer

Host of "Frannie & Friends

Eraldo Maglara

Host of "Healthy Lifestyle

with Eraldo"

Rob Wallace

Production Manager